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Tracked Links - Who is viewing your profile?


You have read our Recruiting101 guide, filled out your SportProspect online profile, and are ready to share it with college coaches. Would you like to know who clicks on your profile link after you email it to a coach, or send them a DM with it?

SportProspect Tracked Links give you up to 30 unique links to send to college coaches so that you can tell who has viewed your profile and who has not!

Using Tracked Links

When editing your SportProspect profile, you will see a section at the bottom called "Tracked Links". Select the number of Tracked Links you would like to use, and then enter the school names in each of the text input boxes provided. After hitting the Submit Edits button, you will be brought back to your profile page and the Tracked Links section will contain a unique link for each school you entered. Select a link and copy it, or use the Copy button next to a link, and then paste this link in an email to that school. A picture of the Tracked Links section from a demo SportProspect profile is shown below.

Tracked Links

If the school views your link, they will see your entire profile without needing to Sign In to SportProspect! The Tracked Links Views counter at the bottom of your profile will also be updated each time they view that unique link.

Note that if you view a Tracked Link while signed in to SportProspect, the application will detect that you are testing the link and it will not count it as a View. You can change the number of Tracked Links by editing your profile, with up to 30 unique links supported. If you need to reset the Views count for a given Tracked Link, just edit your profile and remove the text from that input box before submitting your changes.

Using the Private Link

The Tracked Link feature is valuable, but what if you want to post your complete profile online so that anyone can see it, whether they have a SportProspect account or not? Maybe you want to put it in your Twitter profile, or share it with family? This is where you can use the "Private Link" feature. By default, your profile has a Private Link enabled, as shown in the following section of a demo SportProspect profile.

Private Link

The Private Link will allow full access to your profile, with the exception that your phone number and email address are not included. This allows you to share your full profile widely, without sharing your contact information with the same audience.

If you need to disable your Private Link at any time, or if you want to reset it and get a new Private Link, this can be done by editing your profile. Want to know how many times your Private Link has been viewed? That information is available on your account page, via the Account button at the top of the page. Below is an example of where you can view your Private Views.

Account Profile

What about the default link to your profile page?

You now know how to use Tracked Links and your Private Link, but what about the link to your profile that looks like This link can be discovered by anyone browsing SportProspect, but only college coaches in your sport and registered with SportProspect can view your full profile via this link. Everyone else gets a very basic profile view with your team name, graduation year, roster number, and position - along with a link inviting them to Sign in as a college coach if they want to see more.

Video demo setting up your SportProspect profile

Head over to YouTube to see a SportProspect.Online Athlete Profile Demo. This video show you how to fill out your profile, including the use of your Tracked Links and Private Link.