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Recruiting Resources


Looking for more free resources to help you get started? We have some pointers for you!

Finding colleges

Search for colleges based on academic majors, distance from home, college size, setting (urban, suburban, or rural), and more! This is a great way to start looking for options when building a list of potential colleges.

NCAA information

If you want to play a sport in college, it will be important to make sure that you are eligible. Your high school counselors should be able to help with this, but here are some links to help you out. Note that getting a NCAA ID number from the NCAA Eligibility Center is required for official college recruiting visits!

Athletic scholarships

Need a quick primer on athletic scholarships, based on sport and division? Not sure what the difference is between a headcount sport and an equivalency sport? Want to know if the athletic scholarship offer you are getting is typical, above average, or below average? The articles below are valuable resources to educate yourself.

Email templates

A great article on emailing college coaches from 2aDays below. We couldn't do it better ourselves! Just remember to include your profile in your email as well, so that the coaches have an easy way to see more information than what you include in the email.

Making highlight videos

There are plenty of for-pay services that will create a highlight video for you, but you can do this on your own as well. Here are some links that will help you get started.

Evaluations and rankings

Looking for free or low cost ways to get your skills evaluated and shared on social media platforms? Here are some great options!

Free recruiting guides

Looking for more? We've got you covered. First, make sure you have read our Recruiting101 guide. Here are some additional links to sites with great content for you to read up on!