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DIY recruiting vs expensive services

burning money

Are you missing out if you don't pay for a service to help you get recruited? What about the connections they have? They say that coaches will find me on their site! Let's take a look.

The short version - expensive recruiting services promise more than they can deliver. You can get the same or better results doing it on your own.

Fear of missing out

keep calm

The fear of missing out is a powerful factor. This is what expensive recruiting services are counting on if you get into a conversation with them. What you need to remember is that there are free resources to help you on the recruiting journey, and you are more likely to find your college choice on your own than via an expensive service.

Recruiting services that don't list their cost

Have you come across some recruiting services that seem to offer some great features, but do not list pricing information no matter how hard you look? This is common, and those services cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They want to get you started on their service first and then upsell you on their features before they give you the cost. They will tell you that this price point is small compared to the scholarship that they can help you get.

The truth is, there is no guarantee that they can help you get anything, and you will still need to do most of the work.

Coaches might find me on an expensive recruiting site

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If you are an elite athlete in your sport, coaches will know about you and find you. This is a very small percentage of youth athletes, however, and if you are not sure whether it applies to you then it most likely does not. The vast majority of college athletes, even D1 athletes, need to pursue the colleges that they are interested in. You need to compete for a spot on a college team during the recruiting process, and the way to do that is by taking responsibility for initiating contact with a school.

The sit-back and wait-to-be-discovered approach is not a winning strategy.

Their service will send emails to coaches for me

It sounds easy to have a service send your profile to college coaches for you, what is wrong with that? Everything. Coaches want to know that you have invested some amount of time in learning about their school and athletic program. Automated emails will largely be ignored by college coaches. Even personal emails will be ignored if it looks like you copied some generic content that could go to any school.

Take some of your time to write authentic emails to college coaches if you want the coaches to take their time to read them.

Some services let me upload unlimited highlight videos

It seems like a good idea to get a lot of highlights videos out there for coaches to see, right? Wrong.

College coaches are busy, they want to see a single 3 to 5 minute highlight video of you.

Coaches do not have time to look through a bunch of different videos and try to find you in each one, pointing and clicking their day away! Do yourself a favor and create one good highlight video for coaches to review.

More evidence

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