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Our mission at SportProspect is to dramatically lower the cost of online athlete profiles, team brochures, and recruiting services.

We are a small team dedicated to sharing our experience in college sports recruiting with you. We are former college athletes, parents of college athletes, and trainers of athletes that have competed in a variety of sports at all college levels.


Enter your athletic achievements, academic scores, and link to your highlights. Easily share it all with college coaches and track profile views.

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Featured article - The recruiting process

Expensive recruiting services offer all kinds of features, but what do you really need? Let's walk through the college sports recruiting process and give you the confidence to do this without paying for extra services.

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SportProspect Tracked Links

Would you like to know who is clicking on your profile link after you email it to a coach, or send them a DM with it?

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Are college camps worth the money?

Are college camps a money maker for the college, or an opportunity for you to get recruited? It depends, so let's discuss it.

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