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Athlete FAQs

Only very basic roster information is available to the general public via SportProspect. Only verified NCAA coaches get access to detailed athelete profile information such as achievements and contact details.

College coach account emails are compared to the public website for that college and sport. Only after this validation is completed does a coach account become active and obtain access to athlete detailed profile information.

Only the athlete or a team manager can edit profile information.

Yes. Access all athletes associated with your email address via the Account page after logging in.

A private link can be used by to view your full profile, except phone and email address, without requiring a login. Use this link anywhere that you want to post your full profile without your contact information. To send a full profile with contact information, use the Tracked Links feature. The private link URL is only made visible to you and your team manager (for accounts created by a team manager).

SportProspect has a feature called Tracked Links, which are unique links that you can use in your communication with up to 30 schools. Similar to private links, a tracked link does not require a coach to be signed up for SportProspect in order to view your full profile. Tracked links do show your full contact information as well, so be careful with how you use these links!

The vast majority of features used to justify higher pricing can be done on your own with minimal effort. Should you be using a paid service to research schools, contact coaches, and store videos? Those are all easily done for free.

There are many free video storage sites available, such as YouTube and Vimeo. College coaches are busy, they don't want to look through many different videos. If you really want a coach to watch your highlights, create a single video and use the External Link feature to link to that one video.

Below are a couple of sample profiles. Each sport has profile details that are customized to that sport. First, a sample soccer profile:
soccer recruit profile
Also, a sample football profile.

football recruit profile